60 years Bulgaria in UNESCO

60 Years Bulgaria in UNESCO

In 2016 Bulgaria commemorates the 60th Anniversary of its membership into UNESCO. For commemorating this important historic anniversary a National plan has been adopted. The National Plan has been elaborated and adopted by an Inter-institutional working group, which has incorporated representatives of all the Bulgarian institutions, engaged at a nation-wide level with the UNESCO activities within the country. The National Plan includes 32 initiatives – conferences, concerts, exhibitions and competitions in all the thematic scopes of the Organisation: education, science and culture.

On may 17th, the date of the accession of Bulgaria to UNESCO, a Gala concert of young Bulgarian laureates from international competitions took place. The Gala concert was entitled “Young Bulgarian talents are greeting the world” and it has been organised by the UNESCO „Leonardo da Vinci” Club under the patronage of the Bulgarian National Commission for UNESCO.

The national celebrations on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Bulgaria’s membership into UNESCO do reflect the significance, which Bulgaria is placing on its longstanding co-operation with the Organisation, as well as the high esteem for its precious contribution for the encouragement of the intercultural dialogue, the overcoming of the inequalities and the achievement of peace and sustainable development for all.

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