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Организацията за образование, наука и култура на ООН - ЮНЕСКО, работи за създаването на условия за диалог между цивилизациите, културите и народите, основан на взаимно уважение и зачитане на общите ценности. Чрез този диалог световната общност може да достигне до глобално разбиране на устойчивото развитие, включващо спазване на правата на човека, взаимно уважение и намаляване на бедността и нищетата – тези основни задачи са в центъра на вниманието на ЮНЕСКО и на нейната дейност понастоящем.

Ation, or a combination of these therapies. Your care team may include: pathologists and radiologists who sub-specialize in gastrointestinal (gi) cancers to provide a precise diagnosis of your cancer surgeons and surgical oncologists who are leading the way in performing and developing the most advanced surgical approaches for gist gastroenterologists specializing in digestive health endoscopists skilled in performing minimally-invasive diagnostic and interventional procedures medical oncologists who plan the most effective chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments radiation oncologists who specialize in delivering the optimal therapeutic dose while protecting healthy tissue oncology nurses and nurse practitioners who care exclusively for patients with cancer oncology psychiatrists and social workers experienced in helping with the cognitive side effects of cancer and treatment, as well the emotional and spiritual aspects of the cancer experience a nutritionist to help you with questions about diet and nutrition during treatment palliative care providers to improve quality of life members of your care team meet regularly with you and your referring physician to ensure clear communication and seamless coordination of care. Expertise in diagnosing and staging gistour pathologists sub-specialize in gi cancers, and are internationally recognized and consulted on the diagnosis of gist. They participate in weekly tumor board meetings, sharing information about each patient’s unique cancer with the entire care team to help guide treatment planning. All members of our diagnostic radiology team are nationally recognized for expertise in using the most advanced imaging tools to diagnose and stage gist cancers and to detect changes in tumors. Our imaging technologies include: high-speed two- and three-dimensional ct studies positron emission tomography/computed tomography (pet/ct) magnetic resonance imaging (mri) intraoperative ultrasound lymphotrophic nanoparticle enhanced mri (molecular imaging) other services include: tumor perfusion imaging with ct and mri spectral imaging with ct 3d imaging for pre-surgical planning and for monitoring treatment effects medical oncology for many patients diagnosed with gist, chemotherapy may be the most effective treatment. Some new cancer therapies that are currently available or in development are designed to block mutations and pathways that cause tumor cells to proliferate. By targeting tumor gene mutations with these “smart drugs”, our doctors are beginning to understand how to eradicate malignant cells in some patients' tumors without using standard chemotherapy and radiation. viagra sales usa buy viagra online without script cheap viagra on line buying generic viagra on line buy generic viagra online viagra private prescription where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription canada viagra generic buy online viagra germany generic viagra online canadian pharmacy Gist tumors often respond to oral anti-tumor drugs that have very few side effects. Excellence in surgical care gists may be locally advanced at the time of diagnosis. The disease typically involves the stomach and intestinal tract. Aggressive drug therapy is implemented to shrink the tumor.

В основата на всички стратегии и инициативи на ЮНЕСКО са залегнали всеобхватните цели и конкретните задачи на световната общност, съгласувани на международно равнище и по-специално Целите на Хилядолетието за развитие. Възможността за постигане на тези цели се определя от уникалната сфера на компетенции на ЮНЕСКО, включваща образованието, естествените и социалните науки, културата, комуникацията и информацията.