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A UNESCO competition for a picture or a video “If I were….”

Join the UNESCO competition “If I were …..”

The project is being implemented in co-operation with the Centre for national dialogue under the aegis of the King of Jordan Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

Have you ever imagined to be in somebody else’s shoes?! What would have your life looked like, if you were in your neighbour’s shoes? How would you have felt?

The new UNESCO competition gives you the chance to expand your imagination in the image of someone else/ from a different culture or social status/ and to express new emotions, perspectives and experiences through a vividly influencing picture or a short video (up to 1 min).  Expand your imagination, change your personality, overcome your prejudices and express yourself in another, new and original way.

The video presentation can be in English, French, Spanish or Arabic.

If you are at the age from 21 to 30 years old, you can take part in the competition.  The deadline for applying is March 12, 2017.

10 winners will be selected, who will receive a mini iPad and will be invited to present their projects at an official award ceremony within the framework of the Second international conference on dialogue and volunteers among youth: prevention against the militant extremism and consolidation of the social inclusion.  The Forum will take place at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris from 12 to 14 April, 2017. The expenditures for travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by the organizers.

UNESCO is inspired by the idea to encourage the young people to develop capabilities for dialogue in a dynamic and constantly developing world of cultural diversity and differences.  The competition aims at giving an opportunity to anyone to have a different point of view at the world, to accept new and unknown perspectives and to leave behind the stereotypes and the prejudices.

Important note!: Please do have in mind that Your picture or video must be in compliance with the international copyrights’ norms.  If You are being selected You will be expected to sign a form, with which to give the right to UNESCO to use Your project with a non-commercial purpose.

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