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Natural heritage of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the first places in Europe preserved wildlife and rich biodiversity. Two natural sites in Bulgaria are included in the List of World Heritage - National Park "Pirin" and bioreserves "Srebarna".

It should be noted that a further 5 places in Bulgaria meet the stringent requirements of UNESCO and included in the so-called. ie an indicative list can be proposed for inclusion in the World Heritage List, following an assessment by international experts from UNESCO. These are the Belogradchik Rocks, Fossil Forest, National Park Central Balkan, National Park Rousenski Lom and Reserve Vratsa Karst.

Natural heritage on the List of World Heritage refers to outstanding physical, biological and geological formations, habitats of endangered animals and plants and areas with scientific, conservation or aesthetic value. Bulgaria can boast a significant number for the size of the country, natural areas that meet these requirements. Preserved natural heritage is one of the most valuable resources for the development of our country and the world. UNESCO assists countries in its preservation and promotion.

Presentation of the objects of World Heritage in Bulgaria with beautiful pictures and interesting facts on http://unscnturbg.inf/.

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