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UNESCO - the main partner in the conduct of the

Unquestionable importance and contribution of UNESCO to implement the initiative in 2010 - International Year of Biodiversity "is determined by the fact that biodiversity conservation has long been in its focus. Since its earliest years the organization has supported and encouraged countries to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity and reasonable.

With their conventions and programs, UNESCO promotes real protection of biodiversity, its sustainable management and fair distribution of benefits.
On the other hand, the key role of the organization stems from the fact that UNESCO can integrate issues related to biodiversity in their sectors and other fields, such as education, culture, research and thus reach a wider range of stakeholders.

Through its various fields, numerous initiatives and access to a wide range of stakeholders and actors, UNESCO contributes to the relationship between natural and social sciences, integrating scientific knowledge in making decisions and policy making, combines new and traditional knowledge management of biodiversity and thus contribute to a better understanding of its cultural and ethical aspects of the relationship between nature and culture, a necessary condition for achieving sustainability.

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